Indexing Bigmap Update

The @indexBigMapChange decorator can be used to mark an indexer method that will be listening for when a value in a bigmap stored with the contract changes.

When a bigmap change is detected on an indexed contract, the method will be invoked with detailed information about the change.


The following parameters will be passed to the indexing method:



The changed key in the bigmap. The exact type will depend on the code of the contract.


The new value (or null, if the item was removed). The exact type will depend on the code of the contract.


The DbContext to store data to.


The BigMapUpdateIndexingContext with additional information about the change.


The following code will print the value of the property bar every time the contract's bigmap called foo is updated:

interface FooValue {
    bar: string;

export class MyContractIndexer {
    @indexBigMapUpdate({ name: 'foo' })
    async indexTokenLambdasUpdate(
        key: string,
        value: FooValue | undefined, // Undefined represents a removal.
        dbContext: DbContext,
        indexingContext: BigMapUpdateIndexingContext,
    ): Promise<void> {

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